26 March 2020

Number of countries : 46 Total number of cases of  COVID19 : 2,746 cases Number of deaths: 210 Number of recoveries : 66 Source :  Africa CDC

Coronavirus Africa map: Which countries are most at risk?

28 February 2020

A map has been created to illustrate the continent’s most at-risk countries for the coronavirus and those best equipped to fend off the epidemic. People hoped the coronavirus – or COVID-19, as it has been officially renamed by the World Health Organization (WHO) – was contained, stabilised or even on the decline. However, once Chinese Lire [+]

More than half of African mothers suffer child death

26 February 2020

[NAIROBI] Bereavement is a public health threat in Sub-Saharan Africa as nearly two-thirds of African mothers suffer the death of at least one child, a study says. According to the World Health Organization, 5.3 million children under five died in 2018 globally, and the risk of a child dying before completing five years of age Lire [+]