FAO- Regional Conference for Africa : Impacts of COVID-19 on food security and nutrition

26 October 2020

FAO is organizing the Africa Regional Conference from 26 to 28 October with African member countries of the United Nations, which will be held virtually for the first time ever. The Government of Zimbabwe is hosting and chairing this biennial event.

Innovation and strong collaboration to fight COVID-19 impacts in Africa

26 October 2020

The pandemic is putting unprecedented pressure on the continent’s food security The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a harsh light on existing inequalities and vulnerabilities in Africa and has triggered unprecedented challenges to the continent’s food systems, despite the fight of farmers, no matter the size, to keep producing and delivering food for all. Even before the pandemic hit, hunger was already ... Read more

Coronavirus Africa map: Which countries are most at risk?

10 September 2020

A map has been created to illustrate the continent’s most at-risk countries for the coronavirus and those best equipped to fend off the epidemic. People hoped the coronavirus – or COVID-19, as it has been officially renamed by the World Health Organization (WHO) – was contained, stabilised or even on the decline. However, once Chinese authorities adopted a broader definition of coronavirus cases, at the flip of a switch the ... Read more